Yesterday I was one of the lucky attendees of the third iteration of TEDx Rochester. This is the first year I have attended TEDx Rochester. TEDx events are independently organized TED events. The concept behind a TED talk is that it will contain "Ideas Worth Spreading." TEDx Rochester certainly lived up to my expectation in that respect.

TEDx Rochester was a day-long conference held at GEVA Theatre in Downtown Rochester. About 400 members of the Rochester community gathered in this space to listen to some of the great thinkers who live and work in our midst. Over the course of sixteen TEDx talks, I learned about visual literacy and graphic narratives; a social business venture dedicated to developing wind gardens in countries that lack reliable sources of electricity; how to make better stuff; the challenges of developing vaccines for complex diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and cancer; and so much more.

Each talk was intellectually stimulating and challenged the listener to think bigger and see differently. Throughout the day there were numerous breaks that provided attendees with the opportunity to connect with fellow conference attendees. The discussions I engaged in ranged from conversations about which TEDx talk we most enjoyed and why, to conversations about career paths and goals, to conversations about what we love about Rochester and why.

Yesterday's TEDx Rochester event was exciting and energizing. It provided a great forum to showcase just a handful of the innovative ideas and projects that are being developed and championed in the Rochester community. I look forward to sharing what I learned at this year's TEDx Rochester event with others and I hope to attend the event again next year.


11/09/2011 07:50

Thank you for the kind words, Meredith! It means so much that everyone got a lot of the event. Makes all that work worth it. :)


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