The past two weeks have flown by. I’ve been really busy getting my feet wet in the FLCC Advancement Division by working on a number of projects. Here’s an overview of what I’ve been doing recently.
Two weeks ago, I was tasked with the project of creating a quick reference guide for the giving guidelines of a Rochester-based foundation that is just beginning to make grants to community organizations in the region. I combed through the foundation’s website and created an excel spreadsheet highlighting the following information: funding categories, focus areas, funding preferences and restrictions, as well as the deadline for the letter of intent for each funding category. The FLCC foundation team will make use of this resource as they brainstorm ideas of projects for which they intend to seek funding.

I have also been busy reaching out to a handful of former and current FLCC students to schedule interviews so that I can write blog posts for FLCCconnects and articles for FLCC eNews – a publication distributed to staff and members of the community. I have reached out to a group of FLCC alumni who work at the New York Wine and Culinary Center, an FLCC alum who owns his own mowing business, and a current FLCC student who started her studies at the college at a young age.

Prior to beginning this project, I met with a member of FLCC’s Office of Community Affairs to discuss the philosophy behind writing blog posts versus newsletter articles. Because the audience for each piece of writing is different, the tone of each composition should be different. A blog post can be more informal than a piece written for a newsletter. I am still in the process of scheduling the interviews for these pieces. However, I should be able to report back soon on the results of the interviews and my experience writing the blogs and articles.

The final project that has been keeping me busy of late is the video project I have been working on with Emily, FLCC’s Sustainability Coordinator. We were lucky enough to have beautiful blue skies and sunshine when we went out to shoot the video last week. Emily had recruited a student to help us with the video, so the three of us set out to explore the features of the FLCC trail network. I was the videographer and Emily and the student took turns speaking about the trail network. We visited a marsh, a gravel pit, and a beaver dam. Now that we have our footage, Emily and I will be meeting soon to edit it down and create the final product. I’m looking forward to this part of the project!


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