One of the projects I've been working on of late has been refining and editing the solicitation letter I wrote. The letter is designed to engage donors' interest in FLCC's Serenity Garden project. The revision process has been a valuable learning exercise for me. Much of my writing experience has been centered around composing written documents for academic audiences. With the help of my more experienced colleagues in the FLCC Advancement Division, I created a solicitation letter that is concise and more conversational in tone than my original draft. I sent off my copy to the Advancement Division's Creative Design Specialist so I'll have a colorful version of the solicitation letter to share with you soon.  

Last week I received a tutorial in Constant Contact from Heather, my internship supervisor. FLCC uses Constant Contact to publish its weekly eNews edition. Heather walked me through how to use the program while creating the latest eNews update. Next week I hope to do the layout for the upcoming eNews edition myself.

Another project I have been working on is creating a small library to organize the Advancement Division's resources. I recently created a template that will serve as the library's master list of resources as well as provide a way to keep track of who checked the book out last. I will be contacting all the members of the Advancement Division to determine what resources are currently floating around. The goal of this project is to create a centralized location to store these materials in order to facilitate the sharing of books and other resources.

Last Friday I organized a webinar viewing for the advancement team. The topic of the webinar was: Bringing Your Story to Life. Andy Goodman, of The Goodman Center, spoke about the power of narrative storytelling in advancement communications. In order to facilitate sharing of knowledge amongst the advancement team, I created a survey on SurveyMonkey to gather feedback from the attendees. One key question on the survey asks webinar attendees to document what actions they plan to take in order to connect their learning back to the goals of FLCC's Advancement Division.

My internship continues to present me with new challenges and opportunities. I am learning so much about the field of advancement. I'll continue to update about my projects as they progress.


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