Day 2 of my Advancement Internship at FLCC can be summarized as follows: solicitation letters and social media.

One of the reasons I am drawn to a career in higher ed advancement is the incredible amount of writing one does when working in this field. I have always enjoyed writing. My impression is that I enjoy it a great deal more than the average person. Consequently, I have been on the lookout for ways to leverage my writing skills as I search for my first professional position. Through a series of informational interviews I have conducted with advancement professionals in colleges and universities located in Rochester and the Finger Lakes region, I have learned that writing is a highly prevalent skill for succeeding in the field of higher ed advancement.

In an effort to expand my skill set, I set out to learn the art of researching and composing a solicitation letter. Last week I met with Lisa, FLCC's VP of Advancement to discuss a project for which the college is seeking funding. Lisa provided me with a number of examples of solicitation letters for previous initiatives to serve as guidelines. She also encouraged me to create a strategy for my solicitation letter prior to composing it. I spent some time reviewing the background materials I had been given. After I felt comfortable that I had gained a solid understanding of the goals of the project, I drafted a document outlining my strategy for the solicitation letter. My strategy detailed the target audience, the purpose of the solicitation letter, the key message of the letter, as well as a few ideas for how to tell a story related to the proposed project in order to help bring it to life. I will be meeting with Lisa tomorrow to discuss my strategy and then I'll be off and running composing my first solicitation letter!

I also had the opportunity to meet with FLCC's Sustainability Coordinator last week to discuss a video project designed to promote FLCC's network of nature trails. FLCC has an extensive network of trails on a wooded 250-acre site. The trails are open to the public; however, many members of the community are unaware of the existence of this trail system, and therefore it is underutilized. The video will be shot later this week. It will feature the Sustainability Coordinator as well as an FLCC student who will show off some of the highlights of the trail system. Ultimately, the video will be used by FLCC's public relations team to help promote the trail network to the community. I will work with the Sustainability Coordinator to shoot and edit this video, as well as to upload it to YouTube and distribute it via FLCC's social media outlets. Stay tuned to see how this project develops!


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