You know you have landed a great internship when the first thing you do on your first day is go out to lunch with the VP of Advancement, Lisa, and your internship supervisor, Heather. Over lunch we discussed the structure of FLCC's Advancement department. At FLCC the Office of Resource Development, Alumni Affairs, Grants, Community Affairs, and Advancement Initiatives all fall under the purview of the Advancement Division. I was surprised to learn that FLCC's Sustainability Initiatives are housed in the Advancement Division. Lisa and Heather explained that this is the case because education and community engagement are a big part of FLCC's Sustainability Initiatives. In light of the fact that advancement divisions are all about relationship building whether it be with alumni, businesses, or community members, FLCC's structure makes sense.

As we enjoyed our meal, the conversation shifted to the list of projects I would be tasked with as an intern. My internship is designed to give me a broad overview of the different roles that make up an Advancement Division in an institution of higher education. This includes:
• Grant Writing
• Prospect Research
• Public and Media Relations
• Community Affairs
• Sustainability Initiatives
• Workforce Development
• Administrative Support

Some of the projects I will be responsible for or contribute to include:
• Writing brochure copy for a publication about FLCC's sustainability initiatives
• Writing press releases to publicize FLCC's advancement initiatives
• Creating blog posts, videos, Twitter updates, and other social media content to help FLCC achieve a strong, visible social media presence
• Conducting prospect research to support FLCC's fundraising goals
• Interviewing individuals and businesses to create bios and profiles to highlight FLCC's workforce development initiatives
• Researching and writing articles with a focus on topics related to higher ed advancement for FLCC's monthly newsletter to the community

I look forward to learning from the challenges presented to me by the FLCC advancement team.


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